Stillness, Rest and Reset

Tucked away, we wait indoors until a threatening virus subsides. Much of the world worries and waits.

God isn’t worried. He is proud of us.

Imagine what he sees!

Brave public servants keep the essential services running. Grocery clerks, trash collectors, police officers, medical personnel, and all manner of everyday people are heroes. People thank them, clap for them, and pray for them.

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Acts of service multiply as folks take care of friends and family who can’t go out. They deliver food, offer encouragement, and check in on the ill and aged.

Food is scarce at times, but gratitude is growing. People give thanks for whatever is on the grocery shelves.

Government workers and scientists employ their wisdom to direct us and protect us. Procedures and policies—which these servants have worked long hours to develop—help to keep us safe.

Commuters are excused from long hours on the road. Now, they work at their dining room tables or spare bedrooms, enjoying for this season the comforts of home.

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Other workers may be laid off, but they are resting from exhaustion. Sleeping in, napping, and “reading that book I never got to” are on the agenda.

So is cleaning—the gutters, the closets, the playroom. Our homes are being refreshed.

Families are gathering around dinner tables. Moms and Dads aren’t late to supper these days. Kids prepare the salad, while Dads bake home-made bread. Moms teach dishwashing skills to the next generation.

Children are playing in their backyards, basements, and bedrooms, a welcome springtime break from sitting behind desks at school. Sidewalks and walking trails are full of exercises, getting fresh air—albeit a safe distance from their neighbors. Even the dogs are happy for the workout.

Televisions are turned off. Instead, sewing machines and circular saws are turned on—tools of artisans who rarely have time or energy to create. Instruments are out of their cases, board games out of the closet, and Lego blocks dumped out of their bins. People are doing.

Games, Kids, Entertainment, Constructor

Phone calls and video chats bring joy, as people reach out to their loved ones. Nephews call their distant aunts; daughters call their fathers. A joke in a text message brightens someone’s day. So do stories of human nature at its best.

photo of two man and one woman standing near tree

Family pictures remind us of the loved ones we will soon see. Absence is making hearts grow fonder.

Churches may be empty; but at home, people are tuning into podcasts and online services. Bibles are opening. Prayers are spoken, audibly or silently, with grateful and humble hearts. Homes are blessed, so that the curse will pass over. Foreigners feel like friends, as people pray for others suffering around the globe. Bread is broken and wine is shared as Christ’s body and blood. Miracles result.

Last Supper, The Bread And Wine, Worship, Cross, Church

Hearts that forgot Jesus have opened again. Hearts that never knew, know.

Maybe this isn’t so bad after all.

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Photos courtesy of Pixabay


Abundant Home is designed to highlight God's love for us through family relationships. Our first relationship is with Jesus Christ, who promises, "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" (John 10:10).

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