Seedlings of Hope

If little green plants on the dresser in front of the window on the last day of November can change my perception of what season it is, just like that, I can pick “joy, joy, joy” over “brood, brood, brood.” No matter what happens.


Hot Cacao: Liquid Comfort

Enter the comfort of hot cacao. Little sip by little sip, I allow its luxurious
goodness to coat my mouth. Aromas of cacao and vanilla, laced with pure maple
syrup for sweetness, waft into my sinuses. Pure heaven.


Got Anger? Get Rid of It, Kingdom Style

I cried. I screamed. I couldn’t sleep. I pleaded with people and with God. I felt guilty for being angry at all. It was tumultuous. And so began my search to understand anger—its causes, what the Bible says about anger, and what I should do with it.


Have You Met Jesus?

Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph; he was a carpenter and a teacher. Yes, he knew earthly things because he lived in the flesh like you and me. He was God and man in one person…a mystery.


Journeying Through Pain to Wisdom

That’s what you do in the last chapter of your life. You try to make peaceful resolutions. You learn there is another way. I’ve been blessed to know the better way. Here is some wisdom from the pages of my life story.


Herbed Garden Vegetable Stew

While gardens and farm stands are running over with produce, try this summer stew. It is chock full of tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplant–wrapped in a fragrant bouquet of olive oil, garlic, and herbs.


Not-so-Silly Love Songs

“You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs,” Paul McCartney wrote. We’re still looking for more! Thankfully, God’s message of love is woven into many styles of music. Listen for yourself.