Make Room for More

When extra guests knock at the door, a hostess might worry about running out of food or drink. With Jesus, there is never lack. Psalm 23:5 reminds us, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.”


Seedlings of Hope

If little green plants on the dresser in front of the window on the last day of November can change my perception of what season it is, just like that, I can pick “joy, joy, joy” over “brood, brood, brood.” No matter what happens.


Have You Met Jesus?

Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph; he was a carpenter and a teacher. Yes, he knew earthly things because he lived in the flesh like you and me. He was God and man in one person…a mystery.


Journeying Through Pain to Wisdom

That’s what you do in the last chapter of your life. You try to make peaceful resolutions. You learn there is another way. I’ve been blessed to know the better way. Here is some wisdom from the pages of my life story.



two chairs on dock

Scurrying to clean up my kitchen one morning, the Lord spoke to me: “Slow down.” I had been rushing around to prepare a healthy breakfast and clean up, in order to get to more important things in my day. He kept speaking: “That’s what’s wrong with people today. They think of caring for themselves as ancillary to life. It is part of life.”


Pushing Off


I watched the silver-haired gentleman back his truck up to the dock, gliding his fishing boat a third into the shallow water. The angle of the 8-foot motorboat tipped the craft awkwardly into the lake, as if it would take on water. “Feels like me,” I thought. I had big dreams, lots of time, and no idea where to start.