Welcome Home

“I’m coming home.”

Those words evoke thoughts of comfortable surroundings, the anticipation of seeing loved ones, and the welcoming sights, smells, and tastes that make a house a home.

We all want to be home. Whether we are visitors or permanent residents, young or old, we all need to feel welcome there. Home is where we receive love and comfort. It’s where we get reenergized so that we can face the big world once again.

Creating home is simple. Start with love. Sprinkle in some pleasant company, good food, simple fun, and common sense. Don’t work too hard. Enjoy people more than things. Just breathe it all in.

Welcome to your journey home.

Meet Christine


I am the daughter of a King—as well as a happy wife, mother, teacher, musician, and artist. I love God. I love family. I love home.

It is my pleasure to launch and edit Abundant Home, extending a warm welcome to you and yours! I live in Pennsylvania. Wherever you reside, we are joined in the family of God.

I hope you enjoy scanning through our posts about growing in the Christian faith, building relationships, and eating for both enjoyment and good health. The gallery and music pages are designed to encourage and refresh you through the arts. Now that is an abundant life!

Do you share the vision?  Please share what you read to encourage others.  Matters of importance to you, your family, and your home are worth discussing with others who share your beliefs and values.

Please reach out via email if you’d like to connect or contribute creative content to Abundant Home. Submissions in the form of original writing, music, recipes, and art are welcome. (You can download Tips for Contributors below.)

Finally, you can link up with us using the address below–or through the Contact Us page.

I can’t wait to hear from you!